CIS celebrated its 41st anniversary on Saturday, the 23rd of September 2023.

 The school Anniversary is one of the largest events celebrated by students, teachers, staff, and parents. The Anniversary Fair, an annual charity event, is a celebration held in commemoration of the proud establishment of our school that dates back to 1982. Since then, CIS has been instrumental in the great successes of thousands of students scattered all over the globe.

Ceremonious sounds of traditional drums filled the air as The birthday cake was cut by the Principal and Head of School. It was particularly heartwarming to see the three combined choirs of the school performing a beautiful rendition of the School Song and Happy Birthday as one.

As the evening wore on, the stalls opened and queues of participants formed left, right and centre to enjoy a plethora of activities from video games, ring toss, henna designing, to the much anticipated Horror House. Students from every year group along with their class teachers worked cohesively to either set up a stall, sell a mouthwatering delectable or organise a fun game.

Overall, the event was more than an astounding success raising in excess of three million rupees for charity.

Our students and guess left the school premises gleaming with pride, joy (and sweat). Being the second anniversary fair the school has had since the end of the pandemic, it a testament to the fact that we are truly an ‘undivided international and a strong community’.