Ethos and Mission Statement

We believe that by educating the child in a structured, disciplined and balanced manner, we will ultimately mould a well-rounded, fulfilled and resourceful individual who always strives for excellence.


To achieve this, we believe that education must be challenging, inspiring and stimulating.


Challenging…  we need to challenge students in order to stretch their understanding of academic subjects, and to develop their abilities in a wide range of activities, all the time promoting leadership, self-discipline and service to others.

Inspiring…  we must inspire children to develop a love of learning itself. We offer them the widest possible range of academic and enrichment opportunities to support the achievement of success and self-fulfilment.

Stimulating… this is the spark that ignites the flame of progress for all young people and keeps it shining brightly.

Our Mission Statement: “A CIS education is challenging, inspiring and stimulating, enabling all our students to become responsible, resourceful citizens and to achieve excellence, both in their studies and in their wider lives.”