Infant Section

The Infant Section is a stimulating environment designed to provide our children with a balanced and well rounded education that enables them to develop to their full potential.

CIS is aware that the foundation laid in these early years is the bedrock on which all future academic success is based. Children learn most effectively through a well planned and challenging curriculum. Moreover, young children possess a natural curiosity and eagerness to learn through planned, structured activity-based programmes. Therefore, the Infant School curriculum, which incorporates a blend of oral, practical and written work, is one that aims to fulfil the individual needs of each child.

At foundation level, Nursery, Pre-Reception and Reception, students are given the opportunity to engage in independent learning experiences as well as to relate and collaborate positively and constructively with others.

Year 1 and 2 students closely follow the Key Stage 1 components of the National Curriculum of England and Wales. Carefully prepared cross-curricular activities promote areas of learning such as social, personal and emotional development as well as communication, literacy and mathematics.