The CIS Road Race was held on Saturday 16th of September 2023.

This is a much anticipated event in the Senior School calendar where students from Years 7-13 have the opportunity to bank points for their four respective houses and win the much coveted house trophy at the end of the academic year.

Through rain and shine, many participants labored on their fitness at 5:45am every morning for over three weeks prior to the event to ready themselves for the big race.

A total of 346 participants rallied at the starting point just after dawn to steel themselves for the physical challenge that unfolded in front of them.

In the 2.5 km Group 1 Girls category, Anara Kulathunga (Yellow House) was placed 1st after a close race with Rona Hettiarachchi (Yellow House) who was placed 2nd. Both clocked an impressive time of 12:38. Angela Vincent (Red House) was placed 3rd.

In Group 1 Boys (2.5km), Aneeq Jamaldeen (Blue House) came 1st with a strong lead. A closely contested second place went to Shajesh Katheeswaran (Green House) who was followed by Jawad Qasim (Blue House) finishing 3rd .

Group 2 Girls (2.5km) concluded with Alaia Yehiya (Blue House) in 1st place, Linaya Jayathilaka (Yellow House) 2nd and Kiyara Gunawardane (Green House) 3rd.

It was another gritty sprint to the finish line in Group 2 Boys who had to run 5km. Sri Dwaragan Sri Ranga (Yellow House) came 1st with an impressive timing of 20:20 and he had Amrit Samarasinghe (Yellow House) hot on his heels finishing 2nd with a time of 20:23. This category turned out to be a yellow parade with Thejan Kariyakarawana (Yellow House) bagging 3rd.

In Group 3 Girls (5km), Tenuri De Silva (Red House) took 1st place (24:57), Aizah Shakir (Yellow House) placed 2nd and Raiyah Hamza (Green House) came in 3rd.

Group 3 Boys had a grueling 7.5km run and some huffed and puffed along the way. However, the top three made it look easy crossing the finish line with phenomenal timings. Chakshu Premaratne (Blue House) was placed 1st (31:39), Dulith Kuruppu (Yellow House) 2nd (33:53) and 3rd place was Krishvin Samayathas (Yellow House) 34:21.

Yellow house ended up as overall champions of the Road Race 2023 with 363 points. Blue House came second with 256 points, Red House third with 224 points and Green House ended up in fourth with 163 points.

Well done to all who participated and contributed to this wonderful event. It was a great display of the spirit of CIS.