The Drama Club of the Colombo International School presented an Adaptation of 'Noises Off'









The Drama Club of the Colombo International School presented an Adaptation of 'Noises Off' on the 26th & 27th October at the Colombo International School Auditorium.

The comedy masterpiece Noises Off, by Michael Frayn transported us behind the scenes of a hilariously chaotic theatre production, revealing the drama and mishaps that occur both on and off the stage. We were taken on a journey of rib-tickling comedy as our talented thespians took to the stage, supported by a capable and efficient backstage crew who expertly maneuvered the revolving stage, purpose built for this production.

 Noises Off delivered laugh-out-loud moments from start to finish. The combination of slapstick humour and impeccable timing kept the audience in stitches from start to finish. Leenah Wahab played the forgetful and easily flustered television star Dotty Otley while Navindu Perera played the temperamental, exasperated director, Lloyd Dallas. Limath Ellawala played Garry Lejeune, a well-intentioned bumbling actor, who never seemed to be able to complete a sentence. Kimaya Wijesuriya and Dinara Ellepola played the character of Brooke Ashton, a young, inexperienced actress, who seemed to be caught up in a world of her own making. Akein Bandara played the easily frightened Frederick Fellows while Atara Isaac and Zainab Caderbhoy played Belinda Blair. Ariana Akbar and Kiara Gunawardhene played Tammy Allgood, the overworked producer. The forever flustered stage manager Poppy Taylor was played by Elmirah Perera and Sonakshi J Gulamhusein and lastly, the inebriated Selsdon Mowbray was played by the youngest cast members, Dimalka Weerawardana and John Dimittri Soosaipillai.

Noises Off was a lively and well-crafted performance showcasing the talents of the cast and backstage crew leaving the audience in gales of laughter.