Year 6 Library Week Assembly

The year sixes celebrated Library Week on the 23rd of January, leaving behind many enchanting moments and a trail of magic.

The CIS auditorium came alive with the wisdom of esteemed guest speakers, and echoed with laughter as children in vibrant costumes brought their favourite characters to life through plays based on, 'Tom’s Midnight Garden,' 'Harry Potter,' 'Alice in Wonderland,' and 'George’s Marvelous Medicine.'

Reading time became a cherished escape, where students immersed themselves in captivating stories. A special nod to our inquisitive minds who explored their literary tastes through a lively questionnaire about books. Meanwhile, classrooms buzzed with energy as students engaged in brain-teasing wordsearches and a myriad of other activities.

CIS Library Week is a celebration of creativity, imagination, and the enduring power of literature. Let the memories of this week inspire a lifelong love for reading and exploration!